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The early bird special is an E-bike rental that lets you head up the canyon with the earliest of birds. We leave charged bikes outside of our shop locked to large bike racks with heavy duty locks. This allows you to come early in the morning, snag your bike, and head out for your day of hiking as early as 5:00am. You must read the steps listed below or you might fail to complete the necessary steps to make it work.

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Reserve and plan for two days

Make the reservation online and select the Early bird special but please note you MUST be present the night before your morning ride to take a class. The class begins at 6:00pm and there is only 1 class.

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Take a class the night before reservation

Take a class the evening before your rental and get familiar with navigation, bike operation, and procedures. You will receive keys to unlock your individual rack locks to get your bikes in the morning. Do not loose these keys! We cannot get spares duplicated for these locks and you will be charged to replace the lock.

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Come to the shop and pick up the bikes

On the morning of your ride your bikes will be on the racks out in front of the shop. Use the key you were given to unlock your rack locks and grab your bikes. Leave the rack locks and place the keys in the lock box. Your bike will have a different lock (cable lock) you can use to Lock them up in the canyon.

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Head out on a ride!

You can leave as early as 5:00am. However, please note that we will not offer any rescue service until our shop opens up for the day. We have a very high rate of reliability with our bikes. 99.4% of our customers make it up the canyon and back. We have continually carried a 0.6% failure rate on our bikes.

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