E-Bike or Shuttle?

In June 2020 Zion National Park implemented a new shuttle system to make travel more predictable, meet CDC guidelines, reduce crowds, and wait times.  The same shuttle system is back for 2021, and as of March 7th the shuttles will be running daily through the summer.  This means there is no access to the main canyon in passenger vehicles.

Luckily, that’s not the only way into the main canyon.  Last year, large amounts of people simply walked up the main canyon.  While that might sound like an inconvenience it’s actually a wonderful way to experience Zion.  However, that can tack more than 10 miles of walking on top of the hikes you were planning on doing.  For many, it’s too much, and that’s where E-bikes come into play.  Our E-bikes require very little pedaling effort so you have more than enough energy to do a full day of hiking, and there’s no shuttle to contend with.  I cannot tell you how fantastic it is to ride a bike in the open air under the large cliffs of Zion.  It’s so much more enjoyable than being on the shuttle. My favorite part of the day is watching for the smiles as people return from their ride.

Benefits of E-Bikes

  • Open air experience
  • Easier to enjoy / see / photograph the wildlife
  • Stop anywhere and enjoy the views in between the shuttle stops
  • The sound……You can hear the leaves bustling in the wind, the birds singing away, the crunch of sticks as deer make their way through the park, turkeys gobbling (yes, seriously), and of course the sound of the Virgin River flowing through the canyon.
  • You’re on your schedule. Move at your own pace. No more reliance on shuttles.

What we recommend:

Let’s use a common experience people run into.  If you arrived in Zion and just found out you can’t get in the main canyon because you don’t have shuttle tickets, then E-bikes is the perfect option.  You can pick one up and head straight into the park.  But before you do ride into the park, we would suggest purchasing shuttle tickets for the following days you’ll wind up requiring them during your stay in Springdale.  E-bikes as a first experience in Zion is wonderful, and you’ll gain a good feel for the canyon.